Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cake, Cake, Cake!!

Here are some pictures of the girls at Brynn's birthday party on Saturday.  They both loved the cake ... and actually it was one of the most impressive 1st birthday cakes I've seen!  This wonderful lady (who made both my wedding cake and my sister's) made Brynn's cake.  It was going to be small and cute, but she wanted to use it to make an instructional/how-to type video for cake decorating, so it had to be 3 tiers.  So, she threw in the extra tier for free!  As a bonus, we got to sample 3 different flavors of cake, and they were all delicious.  Thanks, Kathy!  You're the best.  Check her out at
She is so talented, and is just a really nice person too!
So ... without further ado ... here's the cake...

We had a wonderful day for Brynn's party.  Thanks to all the family and friends who came to celebrate!  I'll post more pictures of the birthday girl when I get them organized! 


  1. Love the pictures of your adorable girls Amber! Do you mind if I share this link online?

  2. Please share it, Kathy! Thanks for the to-die-for-delicious cakes. It doesn't hurt that they are so beautiful, too!!

  3. oh my goodness...that is the cutest cake ever (we already know you have the most adorable girls ever...)!!