Saturday, March 27, 2010

overheard at the park yesterday ....

So yesterday was one of my few days off in the month of March (cue violins playing sad song ...) and it was, by all appearances, a beautiful spring day!  It was a little bit chilly, but that doesn't keep a stir-crazy, outside-loving, energy-filled 2 year old from wanting to play at the park!  So, we bundled up and headed out to East Lake Park.  We swang, played in the sand, went down the slides, and climbed on the "wadders" several times each.  As the excitement over the playground waned, we set out for what I intended to be a quick walk on the trails.  Well, an hour later, I was carrying Ella on my shoulders, pushing a sleeping Brynn in the stroller, and carrying an arm load of treasures from our "adventure".  Ella and Brynn and I hiked all the way around the lake ... not that far, but quite a feat for a 2 year old!  She found acorns, cockleburs, walnuts, chime-pons (pinecones), sticks, and all kinds of leaves. 
The best quote of the day, approximately noon, we were two-thirds of the way around the lake, Ella is lagging behind and says to me, "momma, I just lay down in the grass and go to sweep (sleep)".  You think I wore her out?!  It was glorious! 
On a loosely related side note: She and Brynn both slept in until 9 o'clock this morning.  Of course, I'd been out of the house and at work for better than 3 hours at that point (insert second refrain of sad song here).  But Tim got a nice, sleep-in sort of Saturday.  I can count the number of times they've both slept that late on one finger. 

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