Saturday, July 10, 2010

Colorado 2010

Its been a crazy busy summer so far between Tim's training for his forty mile run this summer (the guy knows how to celebrate a birthday in style, huh?!), my jury duty summons, work, trips to the pool, trips to see grandma, and the like.  But, we did take a break from the usual routine and headed out to Frisco, CO just a couple of weeks ago.  It was wonderful.  We totally loved the slower pace, the beautiful scenery, and lots of fun activities as a family.  We stayed in a condo that was literally right on the side of the mountains with a winding, babbling brook running right behind.  It looked like something out of a painting.  The girls did great with the flights, being off schedule more often than not, and being drug all over ski country for the week!  Ella got a pair of little pin-on wings from the "pirate" of the plane and was ecstatic about them!  We laughed for days about the "pirate" comment! 
Here are some snap shots from the week.  The highlights were biking down to Frisco from Vail Pass, breakfast at the Log Cabin in Frisco on Father's Day, shopping in Breckenridge, hiking to Rainbow Lake, the chuck wagon ride complete with fantastic BBQ and wild west show, the farmer's market in Vail, and seeing the trailer where Tim lived when he worked in Beavercreek back in the early 90s.

We're back in the swing of things here in MP again, although July is proving to be a very busy month!


  1. Those pictures are ADORABLE!! What a fun vacation, you are GREAT parents for taking your girls on such a fun adventure :) And look at you two with your burley!! That brings back lots of memories, mostly riding in the burley not pulling it!! Those are sweet memories you guys will carry with you forever. And I could not love the picture of Brynn and Ella on the bench more!!

  2. Love this little family to pieces! I agree with Stephanie about the bench pic, but had to laugh out loud at the one of Brynn and the antlers! It's a Brynnalope!