Monday, April 12, 2010

A nice change of pace

So after an extremely busy month in March, we have made it to April!  And, I'm really loving the change of pace.  I plan to post another time about my last few days at Family Medicine, but I don't have the pictures yet to go with the post ... so that post will be out of order, but that's ok.

Back to loving the change of pace...

For the first Monday in I don't know how many years (not counting maternity leaves and holidays) ...
... I did not set an alarm clock and slept in until the girls woke me up (it was 7:30AM, but that's not so bad)
... I stayed in my pajamas until 9:30 while sipping on a cup of coffee
... enjoyed just being a momma 
... laughed at Brynn learning to use a spoon
... threw a ball to Ella at least 50 times while she tried to catch it.  She told Brynn "I playing catchers with mom, and I'm a good catcher."  All the while, she was wearing her jammies shirt, undies, and high healed purple princess shoes.  I love that she is still little enough to wear exactly what she wants without worrying about how it looks; that she is still confident enough to believe she is a good catcher despite missing well over half of the balls thrown to her; just the right mix of girly-girl and tom-boy.
...put sunblock on the girls for the first time of the summer!  (Can I call it summer even though its only April?  It was 70+ degrees this morning!)
... rode my bike to the park while carting the two (not so little) bitties in the bike trailer (whew!) and watched them play in the sand and on the slides for an hour (B looked so cute in her sun hat!) 
... got eaten by a pink dinosaur while she was also eating her lunch (she said I tasted like chocolate...hmm)
... read them their stories myself before putting them down for naps
...then scurried off to pick up the basement and iron a few shirts for Tim (you're welcome, hon!)
... now I'm off to fix something for supper because soon the girlies will be awake again (or be awake still in Ella's case -- she's gonna be miserable later after not napping well  at all today)

I think I'm going to get used to this schedule really quickly!


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  1. Amber, I was so excited to come across your blog. I loved seeing the pics of your beautiful family. We just had our second, a baby girl in February. Nothing beats being a mommy and there is definitely an instant bond that forms when you share your stories. My blog is I hope all is well in your new job. I made the difficult decision to stay home now and I think it's the right one although I miss the challenge of medicine and my patients and coworkers. Stay in touch, Beth Pelletier (former Benson, class of '04)